Among The Stars

by Colour By Numbers

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released August 11, 2017


all rights reserved



Colour By Numbers Winnipeg, Manitoba

Colour By Numbers is a quartet of indie rockers delivering catchy hooks and dancey beats layered with rich harmonies. Their music is a one-two punch of raw emotion combining elements of nineties rock, early funk and a hint of modern folk. The band's influences include the Arkells, Motown and even some laid back, folky Neil Young ... more

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Track Name: We Did It All
When the sun comes up we’ll gone
Hit the road and head out east
We won’t wait
It’s too late, we’ll be on the lake by quarter to eight now

Turn the radio off it’s ok
We both saw the weather on the tv
It’s just you and me
Your daughter she’s asleep in the back seat

Live hard and die young
Life is harder when you love someone
We did it all for fun

We’ve got lines and lure and bate
But if we run out we can share
You don’t care we fished it cause it was there now

Wild skies
In her eyes
She holds my hand and i can see

Big tears
Ten years
She knows pain but she don’t know me
Will I ever be

Summers become falls
Strong and able when we had it all
Standing free and walking tall

Look in my eyes son
Life is harder when you love some one
We did it all
Track Name: Put It Away
So unbalanced
So unfair
Think the world’s
out for you

Just your luck
Sold out of love
When the world’s
Got you down

They’re not out to get you
Nothing against you
Put it away away away
way away away way
Put it away away away
way away away way

Push yourself
to the edge
When the world’s
Got you down

So unbalanced
So unfair
Track Name: 1982
She did yoga way back in the sixties
It was an eastern thing
She was ahead of her time

He met her some time around eighty-two
He wore a business suit
She made fun of his tie

Divorced twice but doin’ alright
Was this girl’s attitude
Yeah this girl had attitude

She got into some stuff in the seventies
She met a professor, there was a law suit
She didn’t have money to pay the bill

Eighty-two read it afterwards
“Who the hell cares,” he said
They take on the world together

There’s a special kind of sunlight
That creeps through the windows
In nineteen eighty-two
Yeah nineteen eighty-two

Quebec City, nineteen eighty-two
They rented a loft apartment
And drank Pepsis

He took her to parties
She didn’t have money, she didn’t have money
So he helped buy her groceries
They steamed mussels for New Years

“Don’t worry, I’ll go back to school
And then we’ll be happy.”
She said in eighty-three
Yeah nineteen eighty-three

One day his mother called
She was a crazy one
He had to go back home

She didn’t know just where he was from
Somewhere in Europe maybe
No, she didn’t really know

In nineteen eighty-three

She hasn’t seen him since eighty-three
She said she might look him up on Facebook
But somehow I doubt it
Yeah somehow I doubt it
Track Name: Robot
Will we wait for days
Just to be next to each other
And we hold on close to the
Moments that we have

It was me who froze and
You just wonder
How we can't believe we
Don't know each other

How do I say I love you?
How do I say I love you?

Will we wait till we've lost
One thing or another
Till we find the words to
Express ourselves
Track Name: Among The Stars
Whipping cream and tea
You take the frozen aisle
I’ll get the coffee

If that’s all we need
We’d better be going

And then you and I can quietly confer
And try to understand the universe

We’ll plot our lives among the stars
Between hanging up the laundry
And unloading the car
We’ll map our way to outer space
Between cherishing our Fridays
And letting Sundays go to waste

It’s all so ordinary
What is ordinary?

Nothing’s wrong
Can you really say
That it’s all right?

Everybody knows
That where we are
Is nowhere

Just because
It’s been this way
Doesn’t make it right

Times are hard
But at least we’re

Drury misery
Never liked fall much
And it’s getting colder

Nothing’s on TV
Why am I not surprised

But at least this couch is big enough for two
And I can think of something we should do

Nothing’s wrong
Nothing’s wrong
No, no, nothing’s wrong
No really nothing’s wrong

Help me out
I’d like to say
That it’s alright

Everybody knows
That this place
Ain’t nowhere

Just because
It’s been this way
Doesn’t make it right

Times are hard
But at least we’re

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